Well-being Wednesday

Wellbeing wednesday

Do you struggle to beat your cravings, suffer with low energy and motivation, feel confusion around diet choices, have a lack of flexibility and body pain or mental fog and anxiety?

Sprotbrough Community Library Hub invites you to join us every Wednesday for a weekly wellbeing get together. This online forum for change will help you challenge those obstacles you keep running into.

Finding time for yourself can feel difficult during this unusual time. So our wellbeing coordinator, Glen Monks, will be hosting a safe space for members who may need a bit more support in carving out time to talk about their well-being.

The wellbeing topics we discuss range from balancing blood pressure to diet and lifestyle interventions and many others. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, here’s how to participate in the sessions:

Contact Glen on 0795 1138579

Alternatively, send any email enquiries you may have to info@sprotbroughlibrary.org.uk